Low Cost Resort in Ladghar Beach The skyi County Resort by Dapoli Beach Resort is a Luxurious Resort at Ladghar. It has Rooms, a huge swimming pool, A large Restaurant, Gaming area with indoor and outdoor games and 10 Inch Mattress in each room for your Maximized comfort. It is the best Resort at Ladghar where prices start at just Low Cost Grab a cup of chai and bhajiyas in our lobby, go for a walk on the beach, take a dip in our attached pool, or kick back in our relaxing rooms. We can't wait to help you have the best vacation on the Dapoli in Low cost.

If you are in Dapoli and like to have a private space on a clean white-San beach, the choice should be Ladghar beach. You will have to drive a village road not-so-good in condition for about a KM but that's true for most of the other beaches in Dapoli. There are couple of local shops serving tea and snacks that one can enjoy in Low Cost. There are not too many activities on the beach and gives you privacy that you need when you are on a Low-Cost family holiday trip. You can get up early to catch a dolphin spotting boat.

The skyi County Beach Resort is no ordinary gateway. The place has been nurtured and developed by the three generations of the More family. Their love for Konkan, its natural beauty & their devotion towards the comfort of their guests and Low-Cost Beach Resort of the skyi County Beach Resort.
The SKYi County Ladghar, Dapoli, Maharashtra, India
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