Best Beach Resort in Dapoli Dapoli is the largest beach of the entire Kokan route. The Dapoli coast, starting from Dabhol, travels to kelshi via Ladghar and karde. Most of the coastline has a white sand cover but there is black sand beneath it. Most of the coastal roads are connected but some caves and adventurers can try to reach the shore coastline on a circular area from a bicycle ride! The best time to visit Dapoli is from mid-October to mid-March, however, you will be able to see a separate photo especially during Dussehra and its surroundings during the monsoon. If you visit Dapoli during the monsoon, some people called Mini Mahabaleshwar to dapoli. Dapoli is about 800 feet above sea level. Dapoli is 10-15 km from the city to which it is famous. While planning a vacation in Dapoli, especially if it is a short break, choose one of Dapolis beaches that you visit and try to stay close to the beach. There are also options to go to the tourist direction like the temples or forts that you want to hide during your holidays while capturing the beach.

Dapoli in Ratnagiri district, which is all a vacation place. An ideal place for beach holiday, Dapoli has something for everyone. Dapoli is the largest stretch of the coastline along the south and Dabhol from kelshi on the north to the sea coast. There are Temples. Sea forts, archaeological site makes dapoli as perfect weekend gateway for tourist. Humidity persists since Dapoli is closer to the sea and it can become very hot during the summer. Dapolis evenings are very pleasant even in the summer.

Nestled in the pristine and untouched hills of Dapoli, The Skyi County is a resort in Dapoli that gives you the ideal escape from urban life. Relax and unwind amid the seamless blend of ethnic Kokani hospitality and picturesque slopes of enchanting hills. The Skyi County is the ideal place to stir wellness and peace inside you. While you are busy visiting places, stay with us to step back from the world and tune in to nature’s vibration!

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